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Fast, Simple, Universal
Scan Tool from $699 USD

If you're looking for a Scan Tool to

read Dealership Level Codes and Live Data for

Engine, Transmission, ABS or Airbags

then this is for you!

Rennacs Scan Tools read

95% of American, Japanese, Korean, Australian and European Vehicles

from early 1990's to 2014 cars.

That's OBD1 style cars, and Generic OBD2/EOBD

Whether you're a trade customer looking for a scanner to cover the whole range of vehicles you see in your workshop, or you're a DIY'er testing your own car Rennacs has a product to suit you.

Every Rennacs scanner uses a powerful piece of universal hardware designed by Rennacs called the 'UniPlug'.

The POWERFUL Universal UniPlug communicates with virtually any car that has the 16 pin OBD 2 style plug

- with NO additional hardware!

This means no expensive CAN units, or Gateways to buy.


How it works:

You simply plug the UniPlug into the 16 pin OBD 2 style plug in the car and plug the 10m cable into the USB port on your computer.

Runs on any PC or Laptop that can run Windows XP or above.

Run the Rennacs program on your computer and data from all the On-Board systems being tested will display.

If you've got an early model car that doesn't have a 16 pin OBD 2 style adaptor Rennacs provides thirteen pre-2000 car adaptors that couple with the Uniplug for Code Reading and Live Data.

Getting started is easy!

If you're a workshop and test a wide range of cars you'll benefit from one of TWO Rennacs Scanners that both include a complete range of software for

American, Japanese, Korean, Australian and European Vehicles.

If You're wanting a COMPLETE range of software, plus added extras, such as:

OBD 1 style Adaptors for early cars
Wireless Bluetooth

Relative Compression Reading

click on the links below for further information.

View Rennacs Products
Rennacs Standard Kit
Rennacs Deluxe Kit

If you're wanting to work on your own car, or need a limited range of software to get started then perhaps the
Rennacs Modular Software Kit for $699 USD
suits you best

This is a great starter kit, or DIY option as the Modular Software Kit lets you buy software when you need it.

During the first month you get FREE access to ALL Rennacs Codes and Live Data software in our entire range. At the end of the first month you get to choose ten FREE software modules that you want to keep permanently, for example Generic OBD 2.

Individual software modules can be purchased for $69 USD each, at any time in the future.

You can build your software library over time as we simply 'unlock' the software once you've paid for it.

You can also get software for FREE with our Friend Referral Program. Here's how it works!

If you refer your friend to us and they buy any Rennacs Kit we'll give you TWO Free software modules of your choice from our entire range. That's $138 USD of FREE software.

Discount Pricing Deals for Car Software "Packages" such as all Japanese Engine software, or all European ABS software etc are also possible.... just let us know what you want.

To learn more about the Modular Software Kit, or ALL software Kits click on the links below.

Rennacs Kits available
Rennacs Modular Software Kit
Rennacs Standard Kit
Rennacs Deluxe Kit

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Relative Compression Reader
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If you have ANY questions or would like to know more please go to our Products Page or email